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              Become an ERIE Agent

              As an independent agent representing Erie Insurance, you’ll get to manage your own business, realize your income potential and help people every day make good decisions about their insurance protection. Sound like a career for you? 


              ERIE'S COMMITMENT

              How we’ll support you

              We have a long tradition of trust

              and collaboration between our company and

              the agents who represent us. We value the

              relationships, celebrate agents’ successes

              and seek agent input on lots of things from

              products and marketing to technology

              and business processes. Learn more about

              the team, training and resources that

              you’ll get as an ERIE agent.


              Learn More



              The ERIE Difference

              Our story is easy to share because of all that we do to keep customers satisfied and protected.
              Our prices are competitive, but we don’t sell on price alone. It’s the value of our products and service,
              along with the expertise of our agents, which are truly our strongest selling points.
              We have a strong and growing presence in the marketplace.?

              Industry Rankings



              ERIE is the 12th largest auto insurer and 10th largest home insurer.1


              More than 5 million auto, home and commercial insurance policies in force.


              Erie Family Life was named a Ward’s 50? Top Performer in 2015. 2

              1Based on the amount of premiums collected from customers (direct policy premiums written), Best Review 2015.
              2Based on the financial performance of nearly 800 life-health insurers.

              ERIE Agent Success Stories

              ERIE Agents love what they do, and they show it in every interaction. See the ERIE difference in action as our agents work hard to provide the best in service, one customer at a time.
              Watch the video

              The ERIE-Agent Relationship

              What we need

              ?A good insurance agent knows more than how to sell an insurance policy. Our agents have a customer-first focus. That means they understand their customers’ needs and potential risks, and take the time to explain the coverage options.

              As an ERIE Agent, you’ll also manage your own business, meet sales goals and provide quality customer service. Keep in mind that you’ll need current insurance licenses (if you don’t already have them) and a detailed business plan.


              You have excellent communication and relationship skills. You know how to present information effectively and influence others. You’re a natural problem solver.


              You’re enthusiastic, determined and innovative. You’re always looking for ways to help your customers and grow your business. You’re well suited for sales and management.


              You’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one. You’re willing to broaden your knowledge of business and the insurance industry through ongoing professional education and training.

              Starting the agency from scratch was challenging, but with ERIE’s support, I grew my book of business within a few years and have earned several prestigious sales awards and incentive trips.




              Become an Agent

              Becoming an ERIE agent is a great opportunity to develop your own business, while representing a Fortune 500? company with more than 90 years of experience.

              Our appointment process is thorough and may take several months to complete. We offer competitive commissions and bonus opportunities to grow your agency, which can accumulate tremendous value over time.

              Please call 1-855-367-3743 if you have any questions.

              Erie Insurance agents are independent contractors and not employees. All Erie Insurance agents are subject to all terms and policies as outlined in the Erie Insurance Agent Agreement.